Easy to Create A New Article in Joomla

Writing an article in Joomla very easy, as easy if you write on word application like, openoffice, microsoft office word, abiword, etc. You don’t need be a master HTML and CSS, but if you know the little, it will adding value for you.
In this article we will explain step by step how to write an article in your joomla site and some techniques so your article will more interesting to read.


See this is an article with a style that we will make

How to

Here the summary of our step by step :
Step 1 – Create an article in your word application before
Step 2 – Open your joomla admin page then paste your article in the text editor
Step 3 – Edit and styling your article
Step 4 – Creating a section and category
Step 5 – Publish it

Step 1 – Create an article in your word application before

You can make your own or just copy and paste this example.

Cleaning up your workspace (this a title)
According to research when our surroundings are untidy our minds are untidy. This will cause an underlying measure of stress that may in the end burst to the top when something finally pushes us over the edge.

The same may be said of our workspace. Attempting to work when there are :
- Files,
- Folders,
- And office provisions.
Strewn all over the surface of your desk will just cause us to become bothered. Rather than staying late every night at work take a Saturday or Sunday to come in after hours. Bring with you some supplies that will assist you to organize everything that on your desk.

Utilize Space

Some of us have the luxury of working in a cozy office while others of us are offered only a cubicle. No matter what your work area looks like you need to have enough space that is able to handle the tasks that you are given. Use what shelves you have to store things. If you do not have enough shelving than purchase some stand up plastic dividers. These are perfect for holding file folders and other papers. Label each plastic file divider for all kinds of paperwork that you deal with.

Out Of The Way

Any office supplies like your stapler or pens and pencils must be kept in drawers or in a neat cup off to the side. You don’t need to have these small items always in your way while you are working. Most people will frequently utilize their computers anyway so you will not need a pen that often.

Ensure that you personalize your office space. Utilize Velcro dots to put up pictures of your family or inspirational mini posters and jokes. This will give you a smile when you are having a genuinely difficult day.

“Learn some great ways in which you can Organize Your Workspace and relieve some of the stress on you.”

Using dividers and Velcro Dots is a great way to organize it all.

Step 2 – Open your joomla admin page then paste your article in the joomla text editor

In your joomla control panel click Add New Article

Then paste your article

Step 3 – Edit and styling your article

Add an image
1. Click image button under text editor

2. Upload and set the align

3. See the result

Create a Header (H2)

Block a title and click format > Heading 2

Add a quotes

Block a sentence that we will quote

Open html editor and adding this tag <blockquote>

Add a link

Block the link and copy

Paste the link and click insert

Save your work

Step 4 – Creating a section and category

Before we create a section and category, first understanding a hirarchy article in Joomla
# Articles are either: (a) Uncategorized or (b) belong to a Category.
# A Cagtegory must belong to a Section, so if you want to create a Category you must first have a Section to contain it.

image from :

From the top page of Article Manager, Click Content > Section Manager and  +New
Give the title : Article then save

From the top page of Section Manager, Click Content > Category Manager and +New
Give the title : Tips and trick, choose Article in section form then save

Step 5 – Publish it

Before we publish our article, change the section and category of our article
From the top of Category Manager, Click Content > Article Manager
Choose a title that we have made before : “Cleaning Up Your Workspace” Change the section with “Article” and the category with “Tips and trick”

Save it again

Finished…Now you can check your article on your joomla site

Note : This tutorial using joomla 1.5.9 and our premium theme “Natural theme”.